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We handle all commercial boiler, burner, and boiler stack repairs and installations including cleaning, painting, wiring, rentals, and general repairs. We work commercial steam boilers, industrial steam boilers and a whole wide range of commercial options for boilers.
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Preventative Maintenance

American Boiler, Inc. encourages preventative maintenance, which aims at preserving the useful life of equipment and avoiding premature failures. Early detection of impending problems prevents a critical level of deterioration. Thus, you have the opportunity to utilize this lead time to deliberately plan repair work and carry it out with more effective use of its resources. This conditions, in turn, reduce cost.
The proper preventative maintenance of burners and boilers optimize combustion efficiency and provide proper safe operation of steam and hot water heating boilers. Significant fuel savings can be achieved.
Periodic testing of level controls is a must. Frequently, insurance companies or local policy will dictate testing low water controls on a shift basis. In less severe applications, others suggest daily, and still others weekly testing.

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Statistics point out that the greatest number of boiler incidents involving loss and injury may be attributable to failure to maintain water level within the vessel. This failure can result not only in high dollar cost, but can involve personnel injury and even death. Only people thoroughly experienced in the installation and maintenance of these devices should be allowed to install, test and maintain them. Please call us, we can handle all your issues!

Quality Assurance Inspection

American Boiler Inc., focus all their efforts in quality. Therefore, Our National Board Certified Inspectors provide quality assurance inspection for continued safe reliable operation. Inspections include, but are not limited to, the following risk evaluations and indoor environmental testing. Equipment in mechanical rooms is often operated and maintained by a stationary engineer or a maintenance technicians.

Risk Evaluations

We offer the following Risk Evaluations for your preventative maintenance:
  • Mechanical or Boiler Rooms
  • Control Systems
  • Chill Water System
  • Safeties
  • Boilers
  • Gas Trains
  • Insulation
Boiler Rooms — Commercial boilers in Alexandria, VA
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